Festival Week: March 1-5!  
  • Check out the full schedule with College Meetings and Workshops, and the One-Acts.
  • Three key All-Delegate meetings are Monday, Thursday, and the Awards Show on Friday afternoon!
  • Want to know the summary of each One-Acts? Or what each school is presenting?  Check out the Play Content worksheet.
  • See all the great workshops and who is presenting on the Workshop page.
  • After February 26, updates will occur inside the Virtual Festival Website/App.
This button will direct you to the Festival Website.  You must be REGISTERED to gain access.

Each teacher is responsible for having on file the signed Parental Consent form and the Delegate Conduct form for each student before participating in the virtual festival.  The Sponsor will have it on hand in case it is needed during the festival. Download and print as need.

Top Candidates for the

SC Thespian Senior Audition Scholarship

Details were sent directly to the seniors who will be interviewing

Delegates that would like to work with Caleb Jernigan during the  workshop (Wed., March 3 @ 3:30) should place their names on the sign-up sheet

Top Candidates for the

Blair Beasley Awards

Details will be sent directly to the seniors who will be interviewing

Voting for Thespian Officers will occur at the Thespian Membership Annual Meeting (Thurs., March 4 @ 8 PM)

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