SC Thespian Individual Events

***NEW: The Costume Construction will be showcased in a Costume Parade on Saturday afternoon of the festival. While the Make-Up IE is Design only, all participants' work may be showcased in the Parade if the make-up is applied to a model.

PRINT TWO Assessments for EACH EVENT that you will be participating; i.e., three students doing Monologues needs 6 Assessment Forms and one Duet Scene needs 2 Assessment forms for a total of 8 ACTING RUBRICS.  You can click the "ALL IE Rubrics" button and print all the rubrics you need from one document.

1. All participants in IEs must be in ALL BLACK.  No white or colors at all- from hair pieces to fingernails to  shoes!!
2. Actors may NOT touch or use hair as a prop in their performance.
These are rules from INTERNATIONAL THESPIANS that all District Troupes must follow. 

In order for a Film entry to be judged at the festival, the film must be uploaded to YouTube and the link shared in this form available starting December 1.      Deadline: Friday, February 14 at 5PM.

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