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SC Thespian Individual Events: IEs

FEES for IEs per person

$10 for 1st IE

$10 for 2nd IE

As you register each student in January, this fee will be assessed on the quote/invoice.

Fee Changes
1. All participants in IEs must be in ALL BLACK.  No white or colors at all- from hair pieces to fingernails to  shoes!!
2. Actors may NOT touch or use hair as a prop in their performance.
These are rules from INTERNATIONAL THESPIANS that all District Troupes must follow. 

***NEW: The Costume Construction will be showcased in a Costume Parade on Saturday afternoon of the festival. While the Make-Up IE is Design only, all participants' work may be showcased in the Parade if the make-up is applied to a model.

Click the Button for the Rubric students will need for their performance/presentation.

Please PRINT TWO Assessments for EACH EVENT that you will be participating; i.e., three students doing Monologues needs 6 Assessment Forms and one Duet Scene needs 2 Assessment forms for a total of 8 ACTING RUBRICS.  You can click the "ALL IE Rubrics" button and print all the rubrics you need from one document.

Monologue, Duet Acting & Group Acting

Solo Musical, Duet Musical, & Group Musical

In order for a Film entry to be judged at the festival, the film must be uploaded to YouTube and the link shared in this form available starting December 1.      Deadline: Friday, February 14 at 5PM.

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