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4:00 PM   Registration Opens FAC Lobby

5PM-6PM    Where Is That Prop? Chorus Rm.

6PM-7PM    Broadway Zumba  Black Box Theatre

6PM-7PM    VIEWPOINTS    Orchestra Rm.

7PM-9PM    IE Feedback     Black Box Theatre

Saturday Morning

9AM-10AM      Broadway Warm-Ups Black Box 

9AM-11AM      IE Feedback   Black Box Theatre

9:30-10:30A     Where Is That Prop? Orchestra 

10AM-11AM    VIEWPOINTS     Black Box Theatre

11AM-Noon     Easy as Pie! Advocacy Orchestra

11-12:30PM    Choreography 101 Black Box Theatre

Saturday Afternoon

12:30-2PM     PDA Originals  Black Box Theatre

2:00-3:15PM  PDA Playwriting  Black Box Theatre

3:00-4:PM      Where Is That Prop? Chorus Rm. 

3:30-5PM       Cell Block Tango Black Box Theatre

4:00-5PM        Easy as Pie! Advocacy Chorus Rm.

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