2022 PDA One-Act Festival 
Dorman High School 

Schools must register by the December deadline in order to participate in the FESTIVAL.


$50- School Registration

$50- One-Act Registration for

Professional Plays

INTENT to PARTICIPATE link will be active from October 1 until  December 10, 2021.

Payment (or Purchase Order) must be received in order to reserve a Play Title.  No duplicate entries are allowed.

One-Act Main Stage Performances

One-Act Stage Performances are presented through out the weekend on the Main Stage. 

RATINGS: Superior, Excellent, and

                      Honorable Mention

Please remember, PDA is a Festival, NOT a competition. Schools are NOT rated against each other. Adjudicators are professionals, college professors, and theatre educators. An attempt is made to provide a variety of judges from year to year. Suggestions are welcome. Festival judges utilize a "rating sheet" created and revised by the PDA Board of Directors for the one-act plays.

Play Guidelines

  • No plays that have been performed at the festival within the past two years may be presented. Ineligible plays are listed to the left.

  • No duplicate entries are allowed. The second school to submit a play title will be asked to make another selection or to withdraw with a refund. Schools are highly encouraged to submit the play title with the Intent to Participate/School Registration Form.

  • 40 minute time limit, including set-up and strike.

  • One professional play entry (musical or non-musical) per school. A school may perform an original script but will be adjudicated as if it is a professional published script.

  • Focus should be on acting and directing; keep the technical elements SIMPLE.

  • NOTE: ALL set pieces must fit in a 8ft X 8ft storage space


The Host Site will post stage dimensions and instructions here:

Thespian Chapter Select

​Any Thespian school that would like to perform their one-act at Nationals must indicate the desire to be screened during the PDA One-Act Festival for a slot in  Select Showcase (formerly the Regional Play Marathon) at the International Thespian Festival.  If more than one school wants to advance, a representative from EdTA will make the final selection.

1. Schools must register in January 

2. There is a $20 fee to be considered for Chapter Select Showcase at our festival.

3. The Community Standards & Copyright Form must be submitted at registration in February.

Ineligible Plays for the 2022 Festival

There is a TWO YEAR hold on scripts that can be performed.

Presented at the 2020 Festival

10 Ways to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse     Don Zolidis

A Stye of the Eye                         Christopher Durang

A Thousand Cranes                    Kathryn Schultz Miller

Accused of Comedy                    Carl L. Williams

An Absolutely True Story (As Told By a Bunch of Lying Liars)

                                                                           -Ian McWethy

Badger                                           Don Zolidis

De Profundis                                 Tim Mogford

Eurydice                                         Sarah Ruhl

Forbidden Fruit                             George Jay Smith

Future, Here                                   Jeremy Richter

Hard Candy                                    Jonathan Rand

Hush Little Celia, Don't Say a Word     Joseph Wallace

I Bring You Flowers                        Lang

Kaleidoscope                                  Ray Bradbury

Reese and Babe                             Lew Holton

Serial Killer Barbie                         Colette Freedman

Stay Carl Stay                                  Peter Tolan

Student Body                                  Frank Winters

The 146 Point Flame                      Matt Thompson

The Blue and the Grey                   RS Paulette

The Man Who Turned Into a Stick      Kobo Abe

The New Margo                              Stephen Gregg

The Worker                                      Walter Wykes

The Yellow Boat                              David Saar

There Shall Be No Bottom            Mark O'Donnell

Trifles                                                Susan Glaspell

Presented at the 2021 Virtual Festival

A Moment in Time                          Eddie Kennedy

A Virtual Whodunit                         F.Kobler/ C. Marcus

All Out                                               John Rester Zodrow

And                                                    Alan Haehnel 

Asleep on the Wind                        Ellen Byron

Deaf Day                                           Leslie Ayvazian

Final Dress Rehearsal                     Jack Frakes

Happenstance                                Craig Pospisil

Hope n' Mercy                                Kent R. Brown

Just Like Us                                     Craig Sodaro

Medusa's Tale                                Carol S. Lashof

Nothing Good Happens After Midnight        Laurie Allen

The 39 Steps: A Live Radio Play   Joe Landry

The Arkansaw Bear                       Aurand Harris

The Bequest                                   Dale Wasserman

The Ghost Moments                     Randy Wyatt

The Murderous Mansion of Mr. Uno        Don Zolidis

This is a Test                                   Stephen Gregg

Twelve Incompetent Jurors          Ian McWethy

Waiting for the Bus                       Benjamin Connor

War Letters                                     J. Robert Wilkins

War of the Worlds: A Totally Teen Online Theatrical Event                                                                                 -F.Kobler/ C. Marcus

Titles that have been reserved by schools for the 2022 Festival are listed in this document:

Last Updated: 02/6/2022 10:50 PM

To view the critique sheet that the Judges use at the PDA One Act Festival, click  One-Act Rubric.

Latest Festival Updates (2.14.2022) can be found HERE


The deadline for Original One Acts to be submitted is Wednesday,

Nov. 17, 2021.

The top three ORIGINAL scripts will be presented in READER'S THEATRE FORMAT during the festival.   The performances WILL NOT be part of the Main Stage Productions.

For more information about the Original One-Acts, please click the botton below: