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New to Thespians?  On this page is an overview of the guidelines and rubrics that guide the Thespys competition (formerly known as IEs or Individual Events) as well as the Senior Thespian Auditions and the Student Thespian Officers.  Click on the PDFs to get more information about the Thespian festival.

  • Any delegate of the PDA/SC ITS festival may participate in the Thespian workshops and Thespys competition.  However, only current members of the International Thespian Society may move on to the National competition if receiving a Superior.

  • Thespian Auditions are open to inducted Senior Thespians who are planning to major or minor in an area of Theatre Arts.

  • Student Thespian Officers are open to Sophomores and Juniors who are active Thespians.

  • For schools wanting to be considered for Chapter Select (the opportunity to perform their one-act at the National convention in June), the school must:

  1. Register in January for Chapter Select,

  2. Pay the $20 fee with the January Delegate Registration

  3. Submit the Standards & Copyright Form at Registration in February.

Any school that would like to participate in the PDA/SC ITS festival must register by the December deadline in order to participate:

INTENT to PARTICIPATE link will be available from

October 1- December 8, 2022.

Still a little confused or overwhelmed about what the festival is all about? More detailed information about the organization of the festival is one click away.

Want to start a Troupe?  Need to get to International Thespian Society home page? Click the Thespian Icon!

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ITS National Festival 
June 2023
at Indiana University

Need more details about Thespy Awards?

The Thespian Board has created a document to explain the Thespy Showcase selection process. Open the Link to read: 

Seniors who are active Thespians (inducted into a troupe, participating on a regular basis) AND plan to major or minor in the communicative arts are eligible to apply and audition for the Senior Thespian Scholarship.  For more information:

Any Inducted Thespian is eligible to apply for a role as a STUDENT THESPIAN OFFICER (STO). Interested students must fill out the online application and must be registered to attend the PDA/SCITS Festival in February with their school for the current and next year.  

  • The STO application will be sent to directly to the Student once the Delegate Registration form has been submitted.

  • A separate form will be sent to the Teacher for a recommendation and to the Parent for consent.

  • STO interviews will occur virtually prior to the festival weekend. 

Schools must submit this form TO PARTICIPATE in the CHAPTER SELECT

Thespian Chapter Select

​Any Thespian school that would like to perform their one-act at Nationals must indicate the desire to be screened during the PDA One-Act Festival for a slot in  Select Showcase (formerly the Regional Play Marathon) at the International Thespian Festival.  If more than one school wants to advance, a representative from EdTA will make the final selection.

1. Schools must register for Chapter Select in January 

2. There is a $20 fee to be considered for Chapter Select Showcase at our festival.

3. The Community Standards & Copyright Form must be submitted at registration in February.

Because this form asks for signatures, it must be downloaded and printed. Form may be uploaded with the Delegate Registration (January) or delivered at Registration in February.

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