Before you start the Delegate Registration, ALL forms must be ready to upload. (Sr. Thespian, Blair Beasley, Teacher Recommendations, STO applications, School Permission Form.)

The SIX download Forms on this page are available now

The Delegate Registration, the Play Tech Form, and the IE FILM online forms will be active from Dec. 15 until Jan. 22, 2021.

Please open this document FIRST for instructions and a CHECKLIST for all items to be submitted by JANUARY 24 , 2020! The links to the Online Forms are below.

Delegate Registration is to register individuals for the festival and for Thespian events. UPLOAD completed Blair Beasley,  Sr. Thespian, and STO Applications in this online process. School Permission and POs must be uploaded as well.  Have these ready to upload before you start the registration.


The PDF type-in forms can be found on the individual PDA and Thespian Pages.  

DEADLINE: Friday, Jan. 24!

If presenting a One-Act (Professional) at the 2020 Festival, please register the play with this link.  If you have scheduling issues with IEs or the One Act, please use this form. 

DEADLINE: Friday, Jan. 24!

Download the SCHOOL PERMISSION form, have the school principal sign the form, then scan and upload a scanned PDF with the Delegate Registration Form.

Download and print as need. Each delegate must have the Parental Permission form and the Festival Conduct form filled out before attending the festival.  This form will NOT be submitted; instead, the Sponsor will have it on hand in case it is needed at the festival.

If you are wanting to be considered for  Chapter Select please download the ITS Community & Standards form.    Have your principal sign the form, then scan and upload a scanned PDF with the Delegate Registration or bring to the Site Registration.  Your school must be signed up for the PDA ONE ACT Festival to be considered!

If a student signed up for a Thespian IE film category, the student must upload the YouTube link in this form one week before the festival (February 14, 2020) in order for the film to be viewed and considered for recognition.

Reminder: As more details about the virtual/remote festival become available, this is the document for those updates.

Registration is $30 per person-

for Students and Chaperones- any one who attends sessions: One Acts, IEs, or Workshops. Each school can register ONE sponsor free of charge.


$10- 1st IE entry

$10- 2nd IE entry

$10- Thespian Auditions

$10- Blair Beasley Application

All pricing for student events will be in $10 increments.

For the purpose of Purchase Orders, you may want to estimate $50 per person to cover fees for IEs and Scholarships.  ALL FEES are now $10 each. Please have the PO BEFORE you register so that the Invoice Date is posted after the PO date, OR have your credit card ready to pay ONLINE.  There is an 4% up-charge to pay online.


$12 when ordered online

$15 when purchased on site

If paying by check, please remit to:

c/o Rock Hill High School
320 W. Springdale Rd.
Rock Hill, SC 29730

Attn: Stephanie Daniels

School Permission must be UPLOADED with the Delegate Registration by JANUARY  24, 2020! However, PDF Forms must be DOWNLOADED and SAVED on a computer before being filled in. Your responses will not be saved if typed within the webpage. Documents then need to be printed for signatures and scanned to be uploaded. The same is true for the Chapter Select, but it may be hand-delivered to Site Registration in February,
If you are new to the festival, please review the spreadsheet that shows a basic timeline for the festival events- including start and end times.
The following link lists the hotels &    restaurants near the Host Site, Dorman HS:

 Looking for information about the One Act Festival- including Technical Information? Information can be found on the PDA One-Act page.

 Looking for IE Critque Sheets or information about Thespian IEs or Student Thespian Officers? Those are located on the Thespian  page.

 Looking for the Blair Beasley or Thespian Senior Audition documents? Those are located on the Scholarship  page.

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