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Senior Awards Application

The application for SC Senior Thespian Audition and Blair Beasley is now one document.  The link to the online form will be sent directly to the Senior once he/she is registered as an Auditioning Delegate through the Delegate Registration form. Any additional information needed (i.e., School Records or Teacher Recommendations) will be sent directly to the appropriate person (i.e., school counselor or teacher).  Deadline to submit the form: February 1, 2024

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Senior Thespian Auditions

South Carolina Thespian Chapter awards up to $2500 in scholarships in the following categories: Acting, Technical Theatre, or Theatre Education. For further information see the Senior Thespian Requirement button below.

Requirements of a Senior Thespian Scholarship Applicant:

  • Seniors who are active Thespians (inducted into a troupe, participating on a regular basis) 

  • Plans to major or minor in Theatre are eligible to apply for a scholarship. Anticipated area of study can include Acting, Musical Theatre, Technical Theatre Design, or Theatre Education.

  • A Completed application, including headshot and resume

    • Resume: One page (8 ½” X 11”) only. Include: performance/technical roles (with producing organization); theatrical classes (training, location, and instructor) + other significant experiences you have had in your Thespian troupe or school Theatre department - consider committee work, leadership roles, and service projects

  • Audition/Portfolio submission (refer to specific details below) and Interview (if selected)

    • Interviews will take place on BEFORE the festival weekend; selected candidates will be notified via email to schedule their interview time.​

Additional Requirements:

Acting/Musical Theatre

  • A presentation of two contrasting monologues totaling no more than 3 minutes

  • Students who wish to audition in Musical Theatre are allowed to additionally include a vocal selection of no more than 30 seconds. If singing, you must be accompanied by an instrumental track or live accompaniment. 

Technical Theatre

This category applies to any Design, Stage Management, or Theatre Marketing submissions. Prepare a digital portfolio of your work, demonstrating your design process. Any presentation file should be no longer than five minutes in length. Refer to “Requirements” link above for suggested material to include.

Theatre Education

Prepare a digital portfolio containing samples illustrating your range of work in Theatre, along with a sample lesson plan/unit. Any presentation file should be no longer than five minutes in length. Refer to “Requirements” link above for suggested material to include.

There is no limit to the number of students per school who can audition for these scholarships. However, only the top ten candidates will move onto the interview round and our panel of judges will have the final decision on how the money will be distributed.  

Once a student has been recognized as a scholarship recipient, she/he will need to contact the EdTA National Office; the monetary award will be sent directly to her/his chosen college or university.

PDA Blair Beasley

Award of Excellence


  1. All seniors participating in a PDA production are eligible for  the Blair Beasley Award of Excellence.        

  2.  Any senior student with an acting role shall be eligible for an award. 

  3. Any senior student who personally designed or ran a technical component of a performance shall be eligible for an award.  This would include the management of a production.

  4. Any senior student who submitted an original play that was chosen for a production at the festival shall be eligible for an award. 

  5. There shall be a minimum of 2 awards.  These awards can be for either acting, playwriting, or technical work.

  6. Each award will be up to $1,000.  This is a non-renewable award.

  7. Teachers of eligible students shall submit a recommendation form for each candidate to the PDA officers by the February.  The TEACHER RECOMMENDATION FORM is a link that will be sent to the teachers after the Delegate Registration is submitted.

  8. Eligible students shall submit a resume application to the PDA officials by the deadline.  A link to the application will be sent to those seniors who register as an Auditioning Delegate in the the Delegate Registration. 

  9. Performance adjudicators will narrow all eligible candidates to a field of ten.   

  10. The ten finalists will have an interview and/or portfolio review with adjudicators during the festival.  Acting finalists will not “audition”.  Their work will have already been seen.

  11. Physical awards will be given to the two winners at the awards ceremony.  Monetary awards will be given once the student is enrolled in a college/university and proof of enrollment is given to the PDA treasurer.

  • Blair Beasley Application is now an electronic form as part of the SENIOR AWARD APPLICATION that includes the Senior Thespian Audition Applicaltion. The link to the form will be sent directly to the Seniors who are signed up as Auditioning Delegates in the DELEGATE REGISTRATION.

  • The Teacher Recommendation and the School Records, also electronic forms, will be sent to the student's teacher and school counselor directly. 

  • All Forms must be submitted by February 1, 2024.

Seniors who receive the Blair Beasley Award of Excellence should contact the PDA Treasurer with proof of enrollment (letter from Admissions or a copy of the student's fall schedule) and the mailing address to send the award money.

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